Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Celebrating YOU: The Leading Lady of Your Show

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Most people think about Valentine's Day, when they think about the month of February. It's important to celebrate your loved ones, and love in general. However, while you are busy planning a special evening with your special someone, I would like to remind you to celebrate YOU -- the most important (but often neglected) person in YOUR life.

Whenever I asked the question "Who is the most important person in your life?" My clients and workshop participants always answered "my husband/wife, my kids, my parents", etc.

NOT ONCE has someone answered "Me" or "Myself".


I often joked that "If your answer is anyone but yourself, then you need to come see me ASAP!"

Think about it: What would your life be without YOU?

What would your loved ones' life be, without a healthy, happy and vibrant YOU?

When my clients said to me "But the show must go on", I asked "Whose show are you talking about?" I told them, "You may not realize this, but YOU are the Leading Lady of your show, the show that's Your Life".

Every single one of us is the Leading Lady (or Man) of our own life.

Now, let me make myself clear. This is NOT about being ego-maniac or narcissistic. It's about self love, the greatest love of all. (Remember that Whitney Houston song? Now that I mentioned it, I bet you can't get that song out of your head now, can ya?)

"But, ...."

I know, there's a big BUT coming up right at this moment....

You probably have convincing reasons why you are not the most important person in your life, and why you cannot afford to put your self-care as top priority.

As a professional life coach, consultant and mother of two, over the years I've heard many, many legitimate reasons as well as excuses (and the limiting beliefs behind them), from my clients, my friends, and my family. I have experienced many similar challenges myself, in my previous roles as a nurse, counselor, full-time stay-at-home mom, full-time working mom, small business owner, etc. Believe me, I know. It's not easy.

It's especially hard when you have some limiting beliefs around the issue of self love, self esteem and self-care. You know the limiting beliefs I'm talking about -- "I can't afford it", "I'm not worthy enough", "I don't deserve it", "I must take care of everyone else first (or else)", "If I say no, people won't love/like me any more", etc. etc. etc.

Does it ring a bell?

These limiting beliefs took years to form, and it will take some time and some hard work to overcome them. But, it's not impossible. When you can break free from these limiting beliefs, you will finally be free to be your authentic self, and free to create the life you truly desire. If you need some coaching around these issues, I'd be happy to help you.

Even when you are still chained to your limiting beliefs, you can still make a conscious choice, right now, to love and accept yourself, and to treat yourself with respect and some much needed TLC.

Remember, you are the Leading Lady and director of your own show. You are in charge and fully responsible for how your show turns out to be. If your show is competing for the Academy of Life Award, which categories will it be nominated? Which awards will you win?

This Valentine's Day, make a point to celebrate YOU, honor yourself, and give yourself the LOVE and star treatment you truly deserve.

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