Wednesday, August 09, 2006

If someone said you fight like a girl....

If someone said you "fight like a girl", take it as a compliment.

This picture was taken more than a year ago, when I was still training in Tae Kwon Do. My master asked an all-female panel of judges to judge color belt tests in our school. From left to right is Jenny, Vicky, Ute and me. Jenny was a 2nd Dan Black Belt, while the rest of us were 1st Dan. We were so proud to be the judges. Shortly after this test, Ute moved to Switzerland. Vicky and I eventually stopped Tae Kwon Do training and Jenny went on to get her 3rd Dan Black Belt. Gone were the good old days when I got to train with my good friends every week.... I've since started Kung Fu and Tai Chi Sword training, and it's been great, but I will always remember the fun I had with my girlfriends.

2004 Black Belt Dinner

singing our heart out...

holiday dinner at LeCirque

holiday brunch at Ute's

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