Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Older Women Are On The Prowl!

I read this post by Jen at Stay-at-Home Motherdom today, called "The Older Women Are On The Prowl! (Parental Advisory)", and it cracked me up!!!

Jen talked about how her 3-year-old son (a real cutie) has an "older" (4-year-old) girlfriend in his preschool called Flower, who is a little too affectionate toward her son. She is thinking of "locking him in the house until he's 35", and pleading "LADIES, KEEP YOUR GIRLS AWAY!"

My son CB had a similar experience when he was perhaps 3 or 4 years old. He attended a Catholic Montessori preschool back then. At the Chrismas party for parents, I overheard a mom telling the sister how her daughter LOVED my son and talked about him every day at home. I was very skeptical when I heard that. I mean, CB was (still is) a real cutie pie. The sister called him "my handsome boy". However, my son had NEVER mentioned any girls in his class.

When I asked the sister about it, imagine my shock when she confirmed that there were TWO girls fighting over my son every single day -- fighting to sit next to him, and hugging & kissing him all the time!!! Later that semester, when I visited his classroom, I witnessed one of the girls "bear hug" him from behind during Circle Time. I had the same reaction as Jen did -- Aggghhh! LOL!

CB is now 8 1/2 years old. Over the years, there were always a few girls who were friendly with him, but nothing like those two "girlfriends" back in preschool. He kinda prefers to play with "the guys" and his Bionicles now, instead of girls. For now, Mommy is still his "Favorite Girl", and he is my "Funny Valentine". I know, things will change when he gets a little older, but I hope that day will not come too soon.....


kailani said...

My 4 year old daughter has already picked out her future husband from her preschool class! This is only the beginning!

Here via Carnival of Family Life.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! My 5 year old says she has a boyfriend in kindergarten, I asked her if he knows that he is her boyfriend.

She said no.

No matter, This week it's some one new. *sigh*

I asked her what she thought being boyfriend/girlfriend meant... "playing together. Maybe kissing?" Let the palpitations begin! I repleid, "Most certainly not, you are too young for kissing." I am here from the CFL. :O)

ZenKitty said...

Thanks for all your comments!

Wow, obviously little girls ARE so much more "advanced" in the relationship game! LOL