Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Brokeback Teddys

Last Sunday after dinner, my kids and I were lying on my son CB's bed, just hanging out & chatting. They love to play a game where they'd put one or more stuffed animals inside their shirt, and ask me to guess who that is. Of course, each and every one of their animals has a name (and they have a HUGE collection, as most American kids do), and they expect me to remember all of them. The weekend before my husband and I were cleaning out the boxes from the storage shed in our backyard. There was a whole box of stuffed animals that we intended to donate to the charity. But, since Vincent was the first one who uncovered that box, he and his sister Miranda claimed all the contents, which makes their stuffed animal collection MUCH bigger. As you can imagine, this makes the "animal guessing game" much more challenging for me.

Anyway, as we were lying there and playing with all the stuffed animals scattered on CB's bed, CB held up two brown teddy bears and, in a dramatic voice like the narrator of a romance movie, he exclaimed, "Look how cute they are! They are meant for each other!" I was amused by his comment but never expected what he was about to say next.... LK looked at the teddy bears and asked (naturally curious as any little girl, or grown woman, for that matter), "Um, which one is the girl and which one is the boy?" Without missing a beat, CB replied "They are both boys. They are gay." LK and I looked at each other and bursted into hysterical laughs, and CB quickly joined us. All three of us were rolling in bed, laughing!!!!! I thought to myself, OK, this is when you know you've let your kids watch too much "Will & Grace" with you! LOL

After we were able to catch our breath, I said, "Well, I guess this makes them 'Brokeback Teddys' ". Of course, at this point I had to explain where the term "Brokeback" came from. And, this is why these handsome bears are now known as the "Brokeback Teddys" in our house. They are doing their "Brokeback Tai Chi" poses. Don't they look cute? :-)

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