Wednesday, April 04, 2007

James Ray Teleclass on April 5th

FYI: This sounds like a great Teleclass. I've just signed myself up.

James Ray, as you know, is one of the teachers from The Secret.

This Teleclass is tomorrow night, April 5th, so make sure you check it out today!

Program Your Mind for Certain Success

If your mind is holding you back from the success you've always suspected was just beyond your grasp...

If your mind is the reason you are held back in a job working for someone you don't like making far less than you are worth...

If your mind is keeping you from experiencing the harmony and peace you know heart desires- and deserves…

If you are ready to make a major financial change in your own life, may I introduce you to something I feel will create a profound difference in your life?

James Ray is a leading expert on the psychology, the science of success and coaching for success. He has devoted his life to helping ordinary people lead extraordinary lives.

And now it's your turn to experience this quantum leap forward as you have the opportunity to hear James Ray discuss his Success Certain Coaching Program on a special preview call.

Now, you will find all of the detail you need for this special limited space call by clicking on the link below. Make sure to read it all - and note the special bonus you'll receive just by being one the first participants to enroll. They're actually paying you to be on the call with the bonus item!!

<< -- Click this link for details now -- >>

Enjoy The Call!

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