Friday, October 20, 2006

More on "The Older Women Are On The Prowl"

I've received several comments and emails about my post "The Older Women Are On The Prowl" at The Carnival of Family Life two weeks ago. I really appreciate it. Sorry if you have stopped by & couldn't leave a comment on my blog. There's something wrong with Blogger's comment function. I tried to leave comments on someone's blogs today and Blogger wouldn't let me, either. :-(

Back to the subject. I was very tickled by all the comments & emails telling me how their own little girls (preschoolers and kindergarteners, mostly) are SO into their "boyfriends", even though most of them obviously don't know what it means to have a boyfriend. Some have even picked out their future husband already!

WOW, obviously our little girls are SO much more "advanced" than their counterparts in the "relationship game"!

That reminds me of a "Friends" episode (I LOVE that show! Don't you?) that showed a "wedding planning scrapbook" that Monica had compiled back in the 4th grade! Hmmmm, I don't recall being interested in wedding planning when I was in elementary school.

My LK wasn't into boys at all when she was in preschool, or kindergarten, or elementary school. She started middle school this year, so things might change soon (although I'm hoping for later than sooner). HOWEVER, I did remember vividly a conversation I had with another mom from her kindergarten class. She said that her son had a HUGE crush on LK, adding that he had "always preferred Asian girls". I remember he is Irish-American, blue eyes, fair skin, quite a good-looking boy. Now, I'm flattered that he liked my LK so much, but, we're talking about a 5-year-old boy here, and he's already had his mind set on an Asian bride! His mom and I had a really good laugh!

How hysterical is that?!!!!!

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